Long live all the moments we make.

Were you one of the lucky ones? Did you get to see your little Swiftie’s eyes light up as they saw the magic of the Eras tour? Did you watch your tween twirl through the aisles of the local theatre, singing their hearts out, pretending to be the superstar on the screen? 

What if you could turn you sweet Swiftie into her idol and give her the best day ever…with you?

I am so excited to be 1 of just 17 worldwide photographers to have access to the 4 custom ERAS inspired gowns.  These dresses are so special they are already in partnership with Child Couture Magazine, so 5 lucky tweens from this event will be featured in a future issue! 

In true Swift fashion, we are all just here to boost each other up.  This opportunity will not only be a BLAST for your Kansas City tween, but also gives you the opportunity to act as her fairy godmother.   I mean what a way to boost your tweens’ esteem by being featured as their truly amazing selves.  Now is the time for them to make those friendship bracelets and share them.  

Wear the dress, have the fun, take the moment & taste it! 

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