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I am so excited to be 1 of just 17 worldwide photographers to have access to the 4 custom Your Fairy Godmother Couture ERAS inspired gowns.  These dresses are so special they are already in partnership with Child Couture Magazine.  So 5 lucky tweens from this event will get featured in Child Couture Magazine!  I mean what a way to boost those tweens' esteem by being featured as their truly amazing selves.

In true Swifty fashion we are all just here to boost each other up.  This opportunity will not only be a BLAST for your tween, but it also is a great opportunity to hang out with other girls who support girls while rocking some custom one of a kind couture dresses.    Now is the time for them to make those friendship bracelets and share them.  Wear the dress, have the fun, & live in the moment! 

Boost your tween's self esteem in this one of a kind fun event. Five Lucky Girls will be chose to grace the cover of Child Couture Magazine!


Specific Location: My in-home studio in Stilwell | February 11th from 9-11 am

boosting Self Esteem  • priceless

Fine Art Sessions regularly priced at $1000+

Each tween dream session includes the use of an ERAS inspired Swifty dress, hair & light makeup, fun props, studio fees, and a personalized fine art consultation. PLUS, each session also comes with a digital fine art edit of their favorite pose with a $250 print credit, so the art we create can be displayed proudly in your home.  These unique sessions are customized to your style and focus on a final product you will LOVE.  

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Tween Dream Session Event Pricing $750+

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I am so excited to start creating your one of a kind custom art piece.  To get you the best product, communication is key. Let's start with the basics!

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